GIGER MD® Therapy

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The GIGER MD® Therapy Center – The First Step towards New Perspectives

GIGER MD® therapy opens new perspectives even in case of severe neurological diseases and traumas. By programming the brain to new patterns of movement, amazing improvements in motor, autonomic and cognitive abilities are possible – even in seemingly “untreatable” cases.

Make use of this opportunity and learn more about GIGER MD® therapy without any further obligations!

Our Therapy Concept

GIGER MD® therapy is based on four basic steps:

  • The patient learns the therapy in our well-equipped treatment center. This only takes a few days.
  • He then independently executes the therapy on a daily basis at home.
  • The regular exercise is recorded on a PC, evaluated and continuously adjusted. This ensures maximum efficiency.
  • The success of the therapy can be electronically compared with that of other patients. On this basis, the training will be further improved.

The advantages of this therapy concept are:

  • Short training under professional care in our state-of-the-art therapy center
  • Maximum autonomy of the patient afterwards
  • Ongoing adaptation and improvement of the individual training

You would like to learn more about our offering? Opt for a free trial therapy session at our treatment center.

Free Trial Therapy Session at theGIGER MD®Therapy Center

A free trial therapy session at our treatment center gives you the opportunity to get to know GIGER MD® therapy in more detail and to obtain further information regarding your individual prospects of success.

It includes:

  • An informative presentation on GIGER MD® therapy
  • Comprehensive advice on your personal prospects of success with the GIGER MD® therapy instruments
  • An insight into what the training might look like in your case
  • A trial therapy session in order to gain an impression of what GIGER MD® therapy is like as well as the associated bodily experiences
  • On request: A consultation on the available financing offers and assumption of costs by your disability insurance in Switzerland or aid in Germany

Of course, we are moreover happy to answer all of your questions about GIGER MD® therapy, the course of action and your chances of success. All of this is offered completely free of charge and free from any of further obligations.

Contact us here for more information or sign up for free trial therapy session!

GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

In case of neurological diseases and injuries. Contact us here!

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