GIGER MD® Therapy

GIGER MD® therapeutic tools are sophisticated training devices. Learn more about your equipment and their design here!

Technology – GIGER MD® Therapeutic Tools

At the core of GIGER MD® therapy are the specially made GIGER MD® therapeutic tools. They allow patients to carry out their training at home after just a few days of teaching. All therapeutic tools are equipped with GIGER MD® therapy software and have been constructed according to the Monocoque design, which is used in Formula 1. Herein, the external shape is a supporting element of the technology and design. This means that there are no unnecessary plastic casings and cables. All GIGER MD® therapy instruments are Swiss quality products.

Device Features:

All GIGER MD® therapeutic tools are characterized by the following properties:

  • Electrically adjustable
  • Absolutely soundless
  • Equipped with a continuous force setting
  • Important training data is displayed on an LED display with a connection to the personal computer

GIGER MD® Medical Device

Dimensions: L 1.85 m, W0.70 m

GIGER MD® Booster Impulse

Dimensions: H 1.90 m, W 1.0 m, D 1.75 m

GIGER MD® Booster

Dimensions: H 1.90 m, W 1.00 m, D 1.75 m


D: H 1.40 m, W 1.00 m, D 1.60 m

All units include GIGER MD® therapy software that continuously records the training, thereby indicating the treatment progress.

  • Personal data
  • Performance indicators (for example: calorie consumption, watt, number of rotations, speed, heart rate)
  • Progress monitoring and specific GIGER MD® data
  • Online pulse recording and PC diagram representation
  • Monitoring software: Developed in collaboration with the University of Bern and Berner Fachhochschule
  • Either as a CD-ROM or on a pre-installed PC for Windows 7

Find out more about our therapeutic tools here or schedule a free trial therapy session!

GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

In case of neurological diseases and injuries. Contact us here!

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