GIGER MD® Therapy
Basic Principles

With the aid of GIGER MD® therapy, injuries of the central nervous system can be repaired. Learn more about the basic principles of this treatment!

Basic Principles of GIGER MD® Therapy

The consequences of injuries of the central nervous system were long considered completely irrevocable. New scientific studies have led to the realization that it is possible to systematically repair an injured/ diseased central nervous system (CNS) – even if early therapy has not occurred.

The following five principles make up the foundation of GIGER MD® therapy:

  • The CNS is considered a neural network, which is self-organized by spatio-temporally coordinated firing of neurons and can be changed in its organization through relearning.
  • The phase and frequency coordination of the neuron firing is the basis for the self-organization of the CNS.
  • Learning processes stimulate and control the formation of new nerve cells. This includes coordinated rhythmic movements (motor learning).
  • Through re-learning, each CNS can significantly be improved in its functions.
  • The integrative learning, storage and retrieval of network states are the second distributive functional option of the human CNS (in addition to the relatively localized functional option). Their use serves the reorganization of the injured CNS (results from the clinical work with GIGER MD® therapy).

Relearning and unlearning through targeted therapy.

GIGER MD® therapy is based on the realization that the frequency and phase coordinated firing of neurons, which is central to the self-organization of the CNS, is partially lost following an injury to the CNS. Using GIGER MD® therapy instruments, this can be relearned. Thus, the basic structure of how the central nervous system is organized can be restored and significant improvements can thus be achieved even in case of serious damages.

The key is the repeated execution of precisely coordinated movements using high-tech therapy instruments. Therein, the repetitive element of this therapy occupies a central role. GIGER MD® therapeutic tools purport phase and frequency coordination down to a few milliseconds. In this way, motor, vegetative and higher mental functions can be relearned. This is especially true for patients with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, stroke and idiopathic scoliosis. Scientific studies and computer records demonstrate that amazing improvements are possible with the aid of GIGER MD® therapy.

The success of treatment in patients, who were regularly subjected to GIGER MD® therapy for a period of 3 to 6 months, are a clear indication that any CNS that is impaired in its function can be significantly improved.

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GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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