GIGER MD® Therapy

The GIGER MD® medical device is the central GIGER MD® therapy training tool. Learnmore about the different positions and their effect!

Positions on the GIGER MD® Medical Device

We would like to give you an idea of the different ways of training with the GIGER MD® medical device here. We are happy to supply further informational materials free of charge. Contact us here!

The Basic Position – Ideal for Loosening, Relaxing and Mobilizing

When assuming the basic position on the GIGER MD® medical device, the patient lies on his back. The movements of the arms, legs and torso are guided and coordinated and persistently remain in a dynamic equilibrium throughout the workout. This as well as the horizontal positioning of the patient leads to a pleasant, almost weightless state ofcomplete relaxation. The angled position of the legs provides relief to the back. The tendons, ligaments, vertebrae and muscles are in a loose and relaxed state. Due to the finely metered, small movements and rotations, the intervertebral discs and vertebrae return to their original position.

The GIGER MD® treatment device prevents cramping and tensions due to fear of pain, since the patient can stop any motion at any time and reach a painless state by turning in the other direction. Slow-motion therapy is also possible. Therein, the patient is able to observe his reactions in detail.

Flexion and Lyphosis of the Lumbar Vertebrae with Rotation

In this kind of training, rotational movements occur at all three levels. The size of the lumbar lordosis can be changed at will. The training consists of lift-free and reduced-lift movements, i.e. vertical and horizontal rotary motions.

Rotation of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae

The lifting of the body weight via the GIGER MD® therapeutic tools allows the patient to move with his whole body and do so with nearly no effort. The movements are harmonious and supported. If necessary, patients can use rocking movements to slowly approach their pain threshold. After only a short time, this leads to the extension of the pain-free range and mobility.

Stretching – Extension of the Lumbar Spine, Hip and Knee Joints

Movement is central to the treatment of sick joints. Guided movement is particularly important in case of the knee joints. While training with the GIGER MD® medical device, a fine pull and pressure work together with an increased blood flow. The patient feels completely safe. He is able to relax his knees and move in a painless manner. The patient determines the magnitude of the deflection via the positioning of the footrest and controls the angular velocity of the movement.

The increased blood flow to the joint capsule leads to an improvement in the quality and quantity of joint fluid (synovial fluid). At the same time, this is rubbed into the cartilage by the alternating movements. This results in an immediate relief of the symptoms and reduces the pain.

Unmatched Intensity and Effectiveness

On the GIGER MD® medical device, 30,000 joint movements are possible within 20 minutes. This intensity is unmatched.

At the same time, the training is:

  • Feasible for anyone
  • Free from pain and fatigue
  • Characterized by a state of complete relaxation

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GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

In case of neurological diseases and injuries. Contact us here!

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