GIGER MD® Therapy

Modern biofeedback technology informs patients about the progress of GIGER MD® therapy. Learn more about the associated benefits!

GIGER MD BIOFEEDBACK – Stay Informed about Your Progress

Using modern biofeedback technology, the GIGER MD® medical device ensures that the patient becomes his own therapist and is always informed about the current training level. The focus is on muscle development, the targeted activation of the muscles and the adaptation of the heart rate.

Among others, GIGER MD biofeedback is based on two principles:

  • Using audio and images, the patient’s measured physiological reflexes are displayed
  • The patient tries to change the reflexes and control them without the help of imaging equipment in the future

For the special biofeedback program, the patient is connected to the PC via the medical device during his training. The patient receives feedback on the progress of his training in two different ways:

  • Analog: data about the current physical condition is shown in common units (e.g. the heart rate)
  • Binary: when a set threshold is exceeded, a movie, music or light signals that the patient does not meet the requirements

Therein, the requirements will be gradually increased. In this way, the patient is gradually able to independently deal with neurological deficits and counteract them.

The basic target of GIGER MD® therapy is to give the patient back control and independence as far as possible and thus a better quality of life. Therein, sophisticated feedback technologies make an important contribution.

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GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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