GIGER MD® medical device

The GIGER MD® medical device is the central training unit of GIGER MD® therapy. Learn more about its features and benefits!

GIGER MD® Medical Device – Modern Therapy Instrument for the Repair of the Central Nervous System

The GIGER MD® medical device is ahigh-tech therapy instrument, which has been perfected and proven for decades.

  • Damages to the central nervous system
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Joint and back problems

It is successfully used in doctor’s offices and physiotherapy practices, in hospitals and in patients’ homes. The GIGER MD® medical device is suitable for every patient, every age, every state and every level of pain.

The training with the medical device is based on the following principles:

  • It takes place in the best physiological position for the patient: lying on their back, the spine is relieved from the weight of the body and the legs are slightly raised
  • All four limbs are kinematically connected to each other
  • The arms, legs back, pelvis, shoulders and head are guided
  • The extensions and rotations are performed alternately, continuing active and passive movements

Training with the GIGER MD® medical device is not only highly effective. It is also a particularly pleasant experience for any patient, especially for anguished patients and those who are severely impaired their movement.

With the aid of the therapy instrument, they undergo constant full-body movement in an almost weightless state – this is harmonious, completely painless and fatigueless. Merely the relief from the bodyweight leads to an improvement of symptoms in many cases.

Therein, the intensity of GIGER MD® medical device is unmatched. More than 30,000 joint movements are possible in 20 minutes. This, together with coordinated movement patterns that are clocked down to the millisecond level, makes for amazing treatment results even in case of severe neurological injury and disease.

The GIGER MD medical device is FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and CE certified.


You would like to know more about the training with the GIGER MD® medical device? Receive further information on the individual training positions here!

GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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